We have focused our attention so far this year on taking care of our local community. We launched the Celebrate Local series, which felt more prevalent than ever, especially with travel restrictions in place, bringing attention to the fantastic people and businesses on our doorstep in Jersey.  This activity attracted the North marketing agency’s attention, who came to us to support them with a multi-channel, Visit Jersey Staycation campaign.  They had a creative, fun narrative to drive the staycation business in Jersey. We were given a tight deadline, with only two weeks before launch day, but we love a challenge!

The high impact coverage included a Saturday launch with a full-wrap around the outside of the paper, prime-positioned advertising, and a bespoke 8-page supplement.

We supported the launch day with display ads, including a news page takeover and a run of site video.

The digital performance was excellent, with over 100K views and a click-through rate of 0.52%. In addition to the email newsletter header, we shared social stories on our platform to explain the campaign further. In total, our combined daily reach was 132,046.

The following Sunday, we continued the coverage with a custom top-box on the newspaper’s front as a reminder of the campaign and teaser for the offers page. We extended our daily coverage, including full pages of staycation offerings and daily adverts along with various digital news page takeovers and social media stories.

The results speak for themselves and showcase our multi-channel approach beautifully, creating impactful coverage with limited lead time. We can’t take all the credit though, the fantastic creative and inspired copywriting from the North agency team also helped!

This weekend I am off to enjoy a hotel break in St.Brelades Bay because I’m a hero…doing it for Jersey!