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The Jersey Evening Post occupies a unique, trusted and privileged position as both the local and national newspaper for the Island.

JEP news content plays an integral part in Island life, resulting in huge levels of reader engagement.

For marketers, this engagement means that advertising messages benefit from high levels of trust, visibility and recall.

Why advertise in the Jersey Evening Post?


Up to 45 minute read time – great visibility for advertisers.


Over half of our readers are employed in finance, public or professional services.


Over 100 hours of high quality local journalism in every copy of the newspaper.


We’re trusted by over 1,500 local and international brands every year.

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Subscribe to the JEP printed paper, or our app, to read the JEP at anytime, anywhere.

Not only does our app enable you to read the digital edition of the newspaper in the best format for your device, but you also get access to magazines, supplements, interactive puzzles and a fully searchable JEP archive. Why not treat your team to a subscription so that they can keep up with local news and events? 

Run of Paper (ROP)

ROP advertising appears in and around editorial content and is a great way to reach browsing readers. Good ROP advertising is designed to be attention-grabbing with a clear call to action. We can advise you on the best way to present your message using the huge range of shapes available.


The Classified section is an easy-to-navigate directory towards the back of the newspaper. It includes sections for property, jobs, cars, local services and community notices. Readers who visit the Classified section are often ready to make a purchasing decision. As a result, Classified advertising generates a high conversion rate.  

Combining Classified and ROP is a good way for advertisers to reach a blend of seekers and browsers. 

Special Publications and Supplements

We produce a wide range of special publications to help advertisers reach their core target audience. New publications and features are added regularly, ensuring topicality and relevance.  

While the publication is subject to change, click here to view the provisional schedule for 2022. 


Our award-winning, monthly property supplement showcases prestigious homes for sale as well as the latest developments in the Island’s vibrant residential and commercial scene. 

Advertisers benefit from superior-quality print stock and high retention value, maximising exposure and response. 



Winner of the UK 2019 regional press awards’ magazine of the year, ecoJersey is a quarterly publication focusing on ‘engaging, informing and encouraging action’.

Printed on paper that conforms to the highest sustainability standards, ecoJersey is the community’s voice in the battle to protect the environment.

ecoJersey is the perfect partner to showcase your organisation’s ESG initiatives.

Jersey Evening Post Calendar

Our calendar is inserted free of charge into every copy of the Jersey Evening Post on a particular date in October each year. This is a hugely popular product, showcasing stunning local scenes. Organisations that feature in this key product benefit from month-long visibility in more than 10,000 Island homes. 

Celebrate Local

We produce a wide range of special supplements which help to highlight different aspects of Island life. This puts thousands of readers in touch with local organisations every year. Our features team is full of creative writers, working tirelessly on new ideas, but they also welcome inspiration. If you have a concept that would benefit your business or sector, feel free to share it with us and we will put you in the spotlight. 


Business Features

Our business supplements feature an array of incisive journalism and objective insight with thought-leadership pieces from industry experts. These supplements are respected, authoritative and well placed to deliver your key messages and reinforce your organisation’s credibility. 

Bespoke Publications & Supplements

Showcase your business, event, launch or initiative with a supplement or publication designed exclusively for you by our skilled features team. This service includes the creation of print and/or e-editions to share with your network or to a much wider audience with combined print, digital and social promotion. 


Jersey Evening Post Website

Reach a huge online audience with dynamic and eye-catching ads on jerseyeveningpost.com, the clear market leader for local digital advertising.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will recommend a package to suit your budget, with discounts offered based on campaign volume and duration. 

Talk to real people about how to get the most from your digital advertising. 

Most Viewed

Advertisers reach more users than any other news site.


Click through rates are double the national average.


Nearly half of our users are under 45.


We provide the right environment for your brand.

How to buy display advertising on jerseyeveningpost.com

Number of views

Our team can recommend and guarantee a certain number of views for your online advertising. Short-term campaigns (such as for a new product or service launch) can be scheduled to generate a large number of views over a short period.  

Longer-term campaigns (ideal for building brands) can be scheduled to generate a steady flow of views over time. This type of advertising is normally quoted on a ‘price per thousand views’ basis. 

Fixed tenancy

Tenancy advertising gives you an exclusive position on our website for a fixed period of time. Your advertising will always be visible and you will have sole use of the space. Tenancies are useful for creating impact and are most commonly bought by day or part-day. 

The jerseyeveningpost.com classified websites are among the most popular websites in Jersey for those looking for homes, jobs, cars and family notices. 

These sites generate more than 700,000 views per month from motivated buyers, sellers and browsers. An independent study, by research company 4insight, showed that the JEP’s print and media platforms were the most likely media to be used by those searching for property, jobs and motoring.


jerseyeveningpost.com/property is ranked first by Google in local organic searches for ‘Property for Sale’. An independent study by research company 4Insight found that the JEP in print and online was the most likely media to be used by those searching for a new home.

Our Property site is extremely effective and user-friendly and generates over 240,000 views per month, resulting in over 180,000 clicks to advertiser websites in 2020 from almost 3 million properties viewed.


jerseyeveningpost.com/jobs  is ranked second by Google in local organic searches for ‘Jobs in Jersey’ after the Government of Jersey website.

An independent study by research company 4Insight found that the JEP in print and online was the most likely media to be used by those searching for a new job.

Our Jobs site routinely lists over 1,500 opportunities and enables users to register for notifications.


jerseyeveningpost.com/motoring is ranked first by Google in local organic searches for ‘Cars for sale Jersey’.

This year, an independent study by 4Insight found that the JEP in print and online was the most likely media to be used by those searching for a new car.

Our Motoring site routinely lists over 800 vehicles for sale and enables users to register for notifications.

Family Notices

familynotices.je is ranked first by Google in local organic searches for ‘Family Announcements Jersey’.

Our family notices website is updated daily with all announcements made in the Jersey Evening Post.

This easy-to-use site provides an important service to locals and those living overseas regarding births, marriages and deaths on the Island.

Jersey Evening Post Daily News Email

Our daily news email is circulated at 9.30am, before any other local news email. Advertisers benefit from a market-leading ‘open rate’ in excess of 50% from a highly engaged audience.

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Daily subscribers and growing.


Local news email.

Open Rate

Superb open rate of over 50%.


Competitively priced weekly packages.

Daily Newsletter

Jersey Evening Post Social Media

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43,100 +



16,500 +



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3,800 +



With more than 79,000 followers on social media, our platforms are a great place to showcase your business. Our Facebook and Instagram stories give you the opportunity to appear alongside our top headlines and breaking news, with a link to your website. We can also create paid or organic campaigns according to specific objectives, depending on whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness or showcase your latest product range.  

We help you to navigate the jargon and learn first-hand how to make the most of the tools available to you. 

Jersey Evening Post Events

Pride of Jersey

Pride of Jersey was established in 2015 and goes from strength to strength as the Island’s biggest and best community awards, recognising the extraordinary in all of us.

More than 36,000 votes were cast for the last event, which saw over 250 guests attend Le Manoir De Rooster in Trinity for an inspiring and emotional evening. 

Preparations are now under way for Pride 2022 and new opportunities exist for event partnerships and sponsorships. Please contact us if your organisation would like to be part of this tremendous community event. 

Find out more about Pride of Jersey here.

ecoJersey Parish Clean-up

As part of the Jersey Evening Post’s ecoJersey initiative, a parish clean-up event is held each spring.  

This event unites teams from local organisations and parishes as well as members of the public. Participants not only gain awareness of environmental issued through the event but also build a sense of provide in sprucing up their island. 

This is a great ESG and teambuilding opportunity for local businesses. More than 500 volunteers took part in the 2021 event, which was promoted extensively across all JEP media channels.  

Contact us to find out more about ecoJersey partnerships  

JEP Media Solutions

This programme gives advertisers the opportunity to choose from a range of annual packages which combine our platforms into a coherent and cost-effective marketing plan. 

These packages have been tailored with the help of media industry expert 

Craig McNerlin, who works alongside the JEP team to deliver programme workshops and webinars to explain the theory behind the approach. 

Any business can join the programme but the number of packages is limited. The next JEP Media solutions presentations take place in November 2021. If you would like to join one of our no-obligation sessions, please contact us. 

Want to know more? Hear from our current media solutions partners here.