Jersey Electricity Case Study

A utility company focused on a broad-reaching campaign to establish its values in sustainability and affordability.

The multi-channel campaign, included:

  • In-paper advertising with a diverse mix of image and copy.
  • Digital advertising with a run of site campaign.
  • Social media advertising with social stories on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Editorial pieces within paper and in target publications focusing on the environmentalism.

A vital aspect of the campaign was thoughtful editorial. In addition to the advertising, the editorial played a key role in providing context for customers. It also allowed the client to communicate the overarching campaign message that the energy of the future is affordable, sustainable and reliable.

The campaign ran a total of 3 months over the summer and received excellent results. The post-campaign survey, conducted by a third party, found the Jersey Evening Post the most effective media.

Digital Display Adverts

Social Media Adverts