Island Identity Case Study

What makes Jersey special, and why does that matter? A seemingly simple question and yet not a simple answer. We had the opportunity to ask Islanders this question and help launch a discussion for Island Identity. This specific campaign exemplified the collaborative nature of our team and how we are well placed to support and even help define objectives.

The Government of Jersey created the Island Identity report to begin a conversation about how we wish to preserve, change and present Jersey now and into the future. JEP Media turned the campaign around quickly to meet the tight deadline for the project.

After an initial discussion, we reviewed the report summary and the overall objectives and recommended high-impact coverage, including:

  • Full-paper wrap
  • Custom 12-page feature
  • News page takeover onĀ jerseyeveningpost.com
  • Editorial coverage the day before introducing the concept

We took the initial ideas from our early conversations and the branding created for the website and produced thought-provoking and engaging content.

JEP Media’s different departments got to work together on this project. Our Commercial Editor, Emily Moore, perfectly summarised the report and secured 13 contributions from various Islanders. Our Photographer, Dave Ferguson, secured photographs for the full-paper wrap and feature cover. And finally, Becky Castellino from our Studio pulled all the content together with beautiful design.

The client trusted our expertise and allowed us to take the concept and run with it. The response was fantastic, with positive feedback from our readers. We met the objectives by launching the discussion with our audience. The daily readership of the paper was approximately 31K, and the digital page takeover performed well, receiving 64,470 impressions for its 1-day tenancy.

Social Media Design

photos of people in Jersey
photos of people in Jersey
photos of people in Jersey

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